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HWR Episode 61 - Creating Larger Impact Through Business Growth And Development With Johann Nogueira

by HardWodder | Podcast

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Welcome to HardWodder Radio Episode 61.

Our mission with this podcast and company is to Arm Humans With The Tools To Crush Mediocrity, Create Mastery, And Live In Total Wellness. I am Jason Archer… founder of HardWodder, creator, freedom seeker, leader of self and this tribe of those giving all they have for all they want… and today we’re speaking to Entrepreneur and Business Builder, Johann Nogueria.

In this episode, Johann takes us through the thought process behind identifying opportunity in the marketplace and building a scalable business… And, he also shares a bit of his story from early childhood in India and takes us through the courage needed to leave a life of ease to start all over in a new country.

Too many times people feel as though the odds are stacked against them when in fact most are swimming in opportunity. Johann and his family proved this in starting over in a new country with basically nothing when they arrived in Australia and had to rebuild. Though resources may have been limited to start, resourcefulness and work ethic allowed he and his family to reacquire great wealth in an environment favorable to business that most take for granted.

Johann build himself up in the business world from the inside out. He discusses his journey into entrepreneurship and how surrounding himself with a few key people propelled him higher and further than originally possible.

This episode is packed full of great insight and will bolster your mindset around understanding anything you want is possible with the right work ethic and strategy.

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