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HWR Episode 47 - From 30 Years Of Cult To 100 Years Of Bliss With Life Architect Brooke Walker

by HardWodder | Podcast

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Podcast Opening:

Welcome to HardWodder Radio Episode 47. Our mission with this podcast and company is to Arm Humans With The Tools To Crush Mediocrity, Create Mastery, And Live In Total Wellness. I am Jason Archer… founder of HardWodder, creator, freedom seeker, leader of self and this tribe of those giving all they have for all they want… and today we’re talking with Life Architect, Brooke Walker.

So, turn up the volume, put down the distractions and let’s kick this off…


Growing up and learning life skills is tough enough when the circumstances are ideal, but imagine growing up in a small community with a strict set of rules and a way of life that created dependency at every turn.

The frustration and mental anguish of living years of your life that way would break most people.

But not Brooke Walker…

Brooke eventually found her way out of what she now calls a cult, and has grown and expanded her life using her past experiences as fuel to reinvent herself and help others step into their best selves as a “Life Architect”.

She’s developed a blue print to accompany her program and has a seminar coming up this month here in Phoenix. The links are below… be sure to check it the event titled “Ordinary Sucks” if you’re vibe-ing on what Brooke has to say.

Episode 47 with Brooke Walker is now LIVE on HardWodder Radio… Give it a listen today!

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Podcast Closing:

That’s it for today! Thank you for listening, and if you found value in this message be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Google, Castbox, or Stitcher  | Share this with those you know need to hear it on social | And I’ll see you back here in the next episode | This is Jason Archer signing off | Reminding you to #moveanyway… The only way out is through and every step you take gets your further to the person you want to be. Give all you have for all you want.