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HWR Episode 37 - Finding Your Passion With Musician Rob Riccardo

by HardWodder | Podcast

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Podcast Opening:

Welcome to HardWodder Radio Episode 37. Our mission with this podcast and company is to Arm Humans With The Tools To Crush Mediocrity, Create Mastery, And Live In Total Wellness. I am Jason Archer… founder of HardWodder, creator, freedom seeker, leader of self and this tribe of those giving all they have for all they want… and today we’re going deeper with Husband, Musician, and Writer, Rob Riccardo.

So, turn up the volume, put down the distractions and let’s kick this off…


Quote: “No complaints… it’s all led me to this moment.

Rob Riccardo, caught my attention as he played in a crowded room down in Phoenix… Not an easy task with a room full of distractions, but I could tell all his music was original so I immediately perked up.

Music has always spoken to me and has been a key element of my own personal wellness. It can change your state of mind, lift you up, or even be an outlet.

From the first song, I got a sense that Rob was a deep guy… his lyricism and playing style took me to the edge of the water and filled my mind with images of freedom and life outside.

Rob was raised on the beaches of Long Island, NY. And, the foundation of the now Phoenix-based songwriter’s sound derives from the surf scene of his formative years on the East Coast.

Shortly after picking up the guitar in high school on a bet from a friend, Rob discovered the acoustically driven melodies and socially conscious lyrics of artists like Jack Johnson, John Butler Trio, and Ben Harper. These musicians, along with classic troubadours from his father’s record collection like James Taylor, would serve as the initial inspiration for writing his own songs.

After a year of experimenting, he developed his own blend of folk, rock and reggae infused with a heavy serving of conscious lyrics. With a newfound focus and a fresh batch of songs, Rob teamed up with Gilbert, AZ-based producer Erick Morina to record his debut album The Calm Within, a collection of tunes heavily inspired by his yoga and meditation practice.
Rob’s released his second full-length album, Seeker, on September 14, 2018, featuring positive themes and plenty of nature-based metaphors. He is already recording his third album, a self-produced double LP featuring new songs of growth and reflection.
Learn about Rob’s path to this place inside this podcast.
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Podcast Closing:

That’s it for today! Thank you for listening, and if you found value in this message be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Google, Castbox, or Stitcher  | Share this with those you know need to hear it on social | And I’ll see you back here in the next episode | This is Jason Archer signing off | Reminding you to #moveanyway… The only way out is through and every step you take gets your further to the person you want to be. Give all you have for all you want.