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Swipe Copy Frame 01 – Nate

Have you ever had a moment where you caught your own eye in the mirror and thought “I could be so much better than this…”

I remember the moment where I finally got honest with myself and took a look at what I was doing with my life. Barely hitting my sales numbers at work, having a “couple” beers every night when I got home, and basically living my life for the weekend.

I remember passing by a mirror and catching my own eye. I was at a friends house, having the same drinks that we had every Saturday, talking about the same superficial TV shows, gossipping about how “so and so is dating another person”.

It was meaningless.


I was boring.

I left without saying goodbye to anyone.

I got home and watched TV, convinced that it was EVERYONE ELSE that was dragging me down.

I wish I could say things got better, but I simply kept coasting down the path of least resistance, blaming anyone and everyone that I wasn’t living my best life – which I thought was supposed to be filled with lamborghinis and supermodels.

It wasn’t until much later that I went to an event based on a recommendation from a friend. This event helped me take a hard look in the mirror and see that I was feeling sluggish and demotivated because I was NOWHERE CLOSE  to maximizing my potential.

I believe this realization saved my life.

I launched into study of the world’s most prolific thinkers, coaches, athletes, and inspirational figures across every discipline.

I spent tens of  thousands of dollars on coaches, masterminds, and conferences.

I started exercising, eating nutritious foods to fuel me, and staying up late studying books that would teach me how to be great.

But what I learned after thousands of hours spent with the masters is…
No one can TEACH YOU how to be great.

Greatness is inside of all of us already. You and I, we’re ALREADY great.

Sometimes we just forget how to harness that greatness and use our personal power to create the life we know we want, and we deserve.

There are many ways we are robbed of our confidence and power:
– society and the “Instagram mentality”
– the news and fear based decision making
– a “superior” like a boss, parent, or authority figure that tells you that you’re NOT worthy

But whatever it was that robbed you of your confidence and power to create the life that you deserve, I want to tell you that UNLOCKING boundless self confidence, mental strength, focus, energy, and vitality is easier than ever before.



This three day immersive retreat is designed to UNLOCK the awareness of your beliefs, and help you decide which ones serve you in the life you want to create, and which ones are false narratives constructed to steal your joy and energy.

You’ll DISCOVER the tools to get the results you want in your body, your health, your business, and your relationships.

And you’ll CREATE the momentum to propel you to the life you want to live.

Is it as easy as showing up and taking some notes during a fireside chat?


Absolutely not. (but would you even want it if it was?)

This is a deep dive into YOU. Your beliefs, feelings, and limitations will all be put to the test, and just like a master sculptor, we’ll help you chisel a new way of thinking out of the beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you.

The AMPLIFY retreat is for you if:

  • You believe you’re destined for more than you currently have
  • You are open to discovering your strengths and challenging your weaknesses
  • You want MORE, in your career, relationships, and health
  • You’re ready to work hard and be coachable to unlock power that you didn’t believe you had.
  • You’re ready to let go of your ego and embrace momentary discomfort to discover a life filled with endless possibilities.


The AMPLIFY retreat is not for you if:

  • You believe that you CAN’T and you want to convince others that you CAN’T also.
  • You’re satisfied with the status quo
  • You prefer comfort over progress
  • You don’t believe you can change.


Are you ready to amplify your life?

Join us for three days in majestic Sedona AZ on a 40 acre ranch for a life changing experience.


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Amplify 2019 Accomodation Information

Grace Grove Retreat Center On Oak Creek

1280 E Willow Point Rd, Cornville, AZ 86325

14 guests
7 bedrooms
11 beds
3 baths

Great location
100% of recent guests gave the location a 5-star rating.

Great check-in experience
100% of recent guests gave the check-in process a 5-star rating.

Sparkling clean
3 recent guests said this place was sparkling clean.

Located on 25 acres, Grace Grove is an organically elegant retreat center, an oasis in the desert. Features includes 7 bedrooms, 11 beds in the bedrooms and 5 more beds in the living room, full-size kitchen, sauna, Oak Creek waterfront, trails, fireplace, & volleyball court, Roof top deck for star gazing, Yoga Barn w/wood burning stove and cooler and yoga mats, thai mats etc. Property is secluded behind an electronic gate and only 20 minutes from Sedona.

The space

Grace Grove Retreat Center is a 5500 sq.foot building with 7 guest rooms, a large beautiful kitchen, wrap around living room with plenty of lounging room, a large porch with couches and eating table for 18 people. There are 3 indoor bathrooms that are along the same hall as the bedrooms. We also have a 550 sq. foot Yoga Barn with a wood burning stove if your group needs a separate meeting space.

There is also a roof top porch that is GREAT for star gazing at night.

There are 5 indoor rooms; 1 larger room with a king bed, 4 smaller rooms with 2 twin beds in each room. Currently 2 of the twin rooms are made up as king beds. We use a 3” organic wool king topper to unify the 2 twin beds to make them into a king bed. Just let us know how you want those rooms, as 2 twins or 1 king. We also have 2 outdoor “Garden” rooms which are enclosed rooms but are not on the central air conditioning or heating system. These rooms have space heaters and fans and can be used all year round although they don’t get toasty warm, but very cozy sleeping in them during the winter and warm during the day and wonderful sleeping conditions at night during the winter. These rooms have 1 double bed in each room. The rooms have organic mattresses and locally crafted wood furniture to ensure that there are no forms of toxins in the environment.

Our team consists of my husband Morgan and I, and we have a suite on the opposite end of the facility. We also have 2 staff members who live in trailers on the property. Our goal is to create a sacred space for your group to have as much fun and privacy as possible. Because we still have a property and facility to maintain and we live on-site you will see some of us pop in and out of the kitchen or be on the land working. We will be quiet little helpers in the background that you may see every once in awhile.

The kitchen tends to be to be grand central station for most groups. It is a very beautiful kitchen and well equipped. We will clear out a large refrigerator for your group and you will have plenty of space for dry products as well. The kitchen drawers and cabinets are labeled well since it is a community kitchen that is heavily used. Our team members will be very mindful to ease in and out of the kitchen around your group. When we are in the kitchen, we will support your group by helping to put away some dishes, wipe down counter tops, take trash out and basic cleaning. We do ask that your group please wash their own dishes and clean up after themselves. You will need to bring all your own food unless we have made other arrangements for our team to provide food/meals for your group.

The center has central heating and air-conditioning. In the fall and winter months we have a wood burning stove in the main hall that heats up the house very well. Either our team members will keep the stove going throughout the day and night or we will ask that you designate someone from your crew to be the “fire keeper”. There is a T.V room with cable and a DVD player and wifi is available. One of the most spectacular things about this property is that Oak Creek wraps 3/4 around the property. It is a lush 25 acre Oasis in the desert.

Guest access

Enjoy all the amenities of our home, including: 3 full bathrooms with showers, private outdoor sauna, front patio fireplace with plenty of cushioned couches and built-in seating, outdoor dining table option, driveway fountain, outdoor swings, and lush green landscape next to the rushing water of Oak Creek.

Interaction with guests

Our facility is a retreat center and the 2 owners, Puma & Morgan live on-site along with a few staff members who live on the property to maintain it. We are available to assist with your vacation however we can.

Other things to note

You will need to bring all your own food. We will provide kitchen equipment. You will definitely want to bring food for breakfast, it is a 15 minute drive to the closest town.